In soulmates and being destined to meet.
That if you chase after your dreams and do what you love you, won’t work a day in your life.
In Loyalty and sticking by the people you love even when things are hard or times get tough.
Being kind to everyone no matter who they are, where they are from, what they look like.
In random dance parties when the mood strikes and bursting out in Disney princess songs that you memorized all the lyrics to when you were little!
I believe in not doing anything half way, and being not just good, but excellent.
Being who you are unashamedly- because what others think of you doesn’t matter.
That I’m never too busy to stop and play princess dress-up with my nieces or superheroes with my nephew!
In never leaving things unsaid.
Being thankful, even for the little things.
I secretly wish I could dance like Shakira- and I will bust out my dance moves at your reception.
My husband was the first and only man I’ve ever kissed.
I’m obsessed with BBC period pieces.
I am one of the girliest girls you’ll ever meet, but deep inside me of there is a tomboy that loves superhero movies, science fiction, and medieval themed stories (hello Game of Thrones)!
I hate scary movies, but I would watch real life murder mysteries on Dateline all day.I love sleeping! I aim to take at least one nap every day.
I was obsessed with pigs as a kid and had a pet pig named Charlotte.  My parents told me it went on vacation… but we ate it.
I love all things Christmas so much I could’ve been Mrs. Claus.
The first time my now husband came over to my house I just so happened to be all dolled up baking cookies because I heard that guys like women who can bake and hey it worked because he married me 😉
When I was 18 I nearly failed my driving test because the test instructor said I was and I quote “the most cautious teenage driver she had ever seen!” She passed me anyways.