Jackie and Alex on top of rock for Looking Glass Rock Proposal

Tonight’s Looking Glass Rock Proposal is a knockout! Alex called me last Wednesday searching for a proposal photographer. He had the perfect girl (Jackie ;), a gorgeous ring, and a killer location. All he needed to complete the picture was someone to shoot the epic moment. Looking Glass Rock is nestled deep in the Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, NC. It is beyond gorgeous and does the mountains of Western North Carolina proud! Have you ever hiked up the side of a massive rock face?! Well I can now proudly say I have! Looking Glass Rock is a hike that is NOT for the faint of heart. All in all it takes about 3 hours round trip to make it from top to bottom, but I promise that is completely worth it. When you get to the summit, you feel on top of the world!

Alex and I carefully came up with a perfect plan so that I would be up there slightly ahead of them to capture the proposal. My hubby/hiking partner/MVP hiked up Looking Glass with me. Stephen carried my bag 90% of the hiking trip! He also modelled for me at the top of Looking Glass Rock so I could have my camera out in preparation for Alex/Jackie and not arouse her suspicions as much.

Alex and Jackie got to the top of Looking Glass Rock about 15 minutes after Stephen and I got to the top. Alex wisely brought his drone and used it to distract Jackie so that I could get in position. Shortly after setting the drone up, he got down on one knee and eloquently asked Jackie to be his wife! She said YES! After that it’s like everything moved in slow mo! They were both so ecstatically happy and it was contagious. Their gorgeous Looking Glass Rock Proposal ended with a beautiful sunset that enveloped them completely.

Alex getting ready to propose at Looking Glass Rock Guy proposing to girlfriend Jackie saying yes to AlexJackie admiring engagement ring Jackie and Alex embracing Jackie admiring engagement ring Jackie and Alex looking out over Looking Glass Rock Jackie and Alex with their dog Penny Penny and Jackie together Alex hugging Jackie and kissing her forehead Alex and Jackie kissing on top of Looking Glass Rock Alex and Jackie forehead to forehead at Looking Glass Rock Alex and Jackie on top of Looking Glass Rock

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Rachel holding onto Jeremy

Rachel and Jeremy’s Riverside Indian Hills Club Wedding showed me what California weddings are all about! Gorgeous light, beautiful couple, and perfect weather, what more could you want? Prior to their wedding we only talked through email and over the phone, but we quickly became friends! Indian Hills Golf Club is nestled in the Riverside Hills with Los Angeles as the backdrop! It’s no secret that I don’t love Los Angeles, but I certainly love the light. The light & setting at Rachel and Jeremy’s Riverside Indian Hills Club Wedding was TO DIE FOR!

Rachel and Jeremy are meant for each other, two pieces that fit so perfectly together. Rachel has a heart of gold and she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Jeremy has a great sense of humor, but underneath all the joking around is someone that has deep compassion for helping others. When you bring together two such kindred sprits, the results are magical. Hearing how people talked about Rachel and Jeremy, and who they are as a couple painted a beautiful picture. Their open and generous natures bless all those they come into contact with.

Rachel is quite possibly one of the girliest brides I have ever worked with and I’m not complaining! Jeremy proposed to her at Disneyland so of course she had to incorporate fairytale elements throughout her day. Rachel looked radiant in her Oleg Cassini wedding gown, the perfect dress for twirling I might add. Rachel’s walk with God is very important to her and it was touching to see how they incorporated their beliefs into their heartfelt wedding ceremony. As the sun set over Riverside I captured Rachel and Jeremy’s love in all it’s splendour! They kissed and held one another and they lived happily ever after.

Venue >>> Indian Hills Golf Club

Flowers >>> Floral Sensations

Cake >>> Cucamonga Cakery Co. 

Wedding Dress >>> Oleg Cassini from David’s Bridal 

Videographer >>> Kim Jo Sprenger Films

DJ >>> Hi-Fidelity

RachelRachel looking at her wedding dress

RachelRachel putting on her wedding dressRachel putting on wedding jewelry Rachel with wedding party Rachel twirling in wedding dress Rachel holding wedding bouquet BrideRachel looking at Jeremy during wedding vows Rachel and Jeremy holding hands during wedding ceremonyRachel and Jeremy being announced as married Rachel and Jeremy standing together on golf course Rachel and Jeremy standing forehead to forehead Jeremy kissing Rachel on the cheek Rachel and Jeremy holding hands and looking out into the sunset Rachel looking over her shoulder Rachel looking over her shoulder Rachel and Jeremy holding hands Rachel and Jeremy kissing Rachel and Jeremy dancing together Rachel holding JeremyRachel and Jeremy dancing together at wedding receptionRachel and Jeremy during first dance Rachel and Jeremy talking to guests at receptionRachel looking at Jeremy during wedding speeches

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Baylaa standing in field of wildflowers smiling on Easter 2017This Easter 2017 was the first. First holiday I didn’t walk through the door and see my grandmother cooking up a storm in her kitchen. First time I didn’t see her smile with pure joy as she watched her great grandkids hunt Easter eggs. And lastly first time I felt the ache of celebrating a holiday with someone you love missing. I once read that you shouldn’t share about heartache or messy topics on your blog because your audience doesn’t want to read about that, but I just can’t do that. I view my brand as an extension of me and my heart. Right now my heart is filled at alternating times with equal parts joy and sorrow.

I remarked to Stephen yesterday that Mammaw loved Easter. She loved every holiday, especially Christmas and Easter. She loved having reasons to celebrate, reasons to gather her beloved family together around the table. Is there a purer heart or motive for loving holidays?! At Mammaw’s Celebration of Life my brother talked about “The Table,” and how Mammaw’s life was a representation of that. Both her and pappaw were gatherers of people! They always brought people from all walks of life into their home and gave them a resting place. No matter what someone was like they were welcomed with open arms. Mammaw was a beautiful Jesus follower because all were welcomed at her table.

Yesterday though her absence was strongly felt, we celebrated as a family! We gathered around the table adorned with her favorite Easter decorations…talked, ate, and laughed. I am so thankful that I have the hope of seeing her again. Because of Jesus there is victory in death. Death isn’t the end of her story, her story and all of our stories are still being written. Happy Easter 2017 Friends!

Baylaa standing on edge of field holding wildflowerBaylaa holding dandelion and smelling it Baylaa blowing on dandelion Baylaa looking at dandelionBaylaa holding dandelion and smiling Baylaa wearing bonnet in field of wildflowersHusband and Wife standing in wildflowers on Easter Sunday

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Jeffery and Whitney kissing in field on back lawn by Biltmore House during Biltmore Engagement Session

Jeffery and Whitney were so excited for their Biltmore Engagement Session! They both love the Biltmore Estate, but wanted their session to be unique. Thinking outside of the box and trying new things is right up my alley. I love shooting at the estate because it is one of those rare places that you can always find a unique angle or perspective you haven’t previously captured. I had so much fun taking them around to all my favorite spots!

Jeffery and Whitney were huge troopers, even hiking up two really steep trails 😉 March in Asheville is to put it bluntly, all over the place. Last Saturday however was gorgeous! Sunny and warm and there was even a natural wind machine! Jeffery and Whitney were so sweet together! They had a running competition to see who could make the other laugh next! It makes my job a breeze when couples have fun and let loose. Jeffery and Whitney were more than willing to try out anything for their session. As Jeffery put it,”anything to put a smile on Whitney’s face!”

The saying that “when you know, you know,” perfectly applies to them!! Whitney and Jeffery are smitten for each other. Seeing their chemistry and love warms my heart! These two lovebirds are tying the knot in June!! It’s especially sweet because June will be their one year anniversary of being together as a couple! I know their wedding will be filled to the brim with laughter and smiles just like their Biltmore Engagement Session was.

Jeffery and Whitney standing under trees kissing at Biltmore Estate Jeffery and Whitney walking hand and hand up a hillJeffery and Whitney standing with arms entertwinedJeffery and Whitney holding hands during Biltmore Engagement PhotosWhitney hugging Jeffery from behind Whitney hugging Jeffery behind and smiling Jeffery looking at Whitney Whitney holding JefferyCouple holding hands and bride to be wearing engagement ringJeffery kissing Whitney on the side of her face Jeffery with arms around WhitneyJeffery and Whitney embracing Jeffery making Whitney laugh Jeffery and Whitney standing with foreheads touchingJeffery and Whitney sitting in the grassJeffery with arms around Whitney Whitney laughing as Jeffery tells her something funny Jeffery kissing Whitney on the side of her face Jeffery and Whitney smiling Jeffery and Whitney nuzzling Whitney and Jeffery kissing each other Jeffery with arms around Whitney in an embrace Whitney with hands gently resting on Jeffery

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Golden Hour

I am often asked when is the best time to take photos at a wedding, so today I thought I would share my favorite golden hour tips. Golden hour: we’ve all heard of it, it’s that mythical time of day when unicorns appear and all is right in the world. 😉 But in all seriousness, what is golden hour? and how can you time it so your photos are taken then?

The Golden Hour Breakdown

Golden hour is the time of day that is a.) one hour before sunrise or b.) one hour before sunset. Since you aren’t getting married at 5am, we will focus on the evening golden hour. During golden hour the sun isn’t as high in the sky, creating beautiful, soft hazy lighting that is ideal for portraits. Any photographer (including me) will tell you it’s their favorite time to shoot! When I am working with a couple and the bride shows me portrait ideas, 99.9% of them were taken during golden hour.

Why Shoot During Golden Hour?

Do you love that soft, golden haze you’ve seen in photos? Do you like not squinting and taking photos in full on sun? Then golden hour is your new best friend. When working with your wedding photographer and planning your wedding day timeline (more to come on that topic later) definitely keep golden hour in mind when thinking about your portraits. Ideally you would like to plan it so that your ceremony ends two hours before sunset. By doing so your photographer will be able to do family photos, bridal party photos, and then best of all your bride and groom photos at the optimal lighting time. Golden hour is the best time to shoot because not only is it the most flattering light, but it’s the most versatile. Golden hour photos can be taken with backlighting, where you are lit from behind and with directional lighting.

So if you love that honey bathed glow look in photos, then make sure you use some of these golden hour tips to get the wedding photos of your dreams!

romantic bride holding bridal bouquet up to her face during formal photosbride and groom embracing in a field during golden hour, golden hour tips

bride and groom at their heirloom inspired wedding standing in sun drenched field

bride with her arm wrapped around groom

groom kissing his bride at intimate claxton farm wedding

husband and wife kissing in field during sunset at Asheville NC wedding

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  • March 16, 2017 - 8:09 am

    Sincerely Miss J - These are such beautiful pictures! I wouldn’t have thought about this! But you’re right. The golden hour has its lighting benefits for sure! <3

    Sincerely Miss J

  • March 16, 2017 - 9:02 am

    Ola - I’ve never heard of the Golden Hour, but what a great tip! Does this concept work only when photographing people, or anything?ReplyCancel

  • March 16, 2017 - 10:21 am

    Theresa Bailey - These photos are absolutely stunning! Great reminder for brides and grooms to take advantage of the golden hour.ReplyCancel

  • March 16, 2017 - 2:43 pm

    Ania - Your wedding photos are incredible! I am also a huge fan of the golden hour, though I need to work on using light to my advantage a lot more. I want to master that glowy/hazy light shot.ReplyCancel

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